Inspiration Card Deck + Easel
Inspiration Card Deck + Easel
Inspiration Card Deck
Inspiration Card Deck
Inspiration Card Deck + Easel
Inspiration Card Deck + Easel
Indigojade Art

Inspiration Card Deck + Easel

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I designed and developed this card deck and easel gift product to help people create a moment–a happiness ritual–that can help bring more light and positivity to the day. The card deck has been created using my original watercolor paintings paired with hand lettered sentiments to help you dial up the happy in your day.

This inspiration deck is small (3x3), chock-full of bright colors and feel good art (28 individual designs, double-sided, heavy cardstock cards) that is perfect to adorn the places and spaces you spend most of your day. Full directions/suggestions on how to use this interactive inspiration practice come with the gift product.

See photos above for a complete listing of all the cards in the deck and their coordinating sentiments.

Want to see more of what's in the box?

Interactive and fun, here's a suggestion for using the deck:
1. Shuffle the deck
2. Close your eyes
3. Pick a card (remember they are double-sided)
4. Open your eyes
5. Pause + Reflect (take this moment for yourself and let the inspiration for the day sink in. The card chose YOU!)
Then, place the card on the easel and have an inspired day. When things get tough, look back at the easel to help you re-frame your thoughts. Place your easel in a place where you spend most of your day.

Store the rest of the cards in the bag or box for safe keeping.

TOMORROW: Repeat 1-6 and place the new card on your easel.

This gift item is the perfect gift for:
• Family
• Friends
• Co-Workers
• Teachers
• Neighbors
• Yourself

Give this set to anyone in your life who could use a daily dose of happy.

Gift Box Includes:
• 28 Art Cards in the Deck (3x3 Double-sided cards) with original watercolor art and inspiration "feel good" sentiments.
• Directions for "How to Use the Deck."
• Mini Easel for Daily Display (Measures 2.75 w x 4.5 l)
• Inspiration that makes you feel good (hand lettered sentiments for an inspired day)
• Gift boxed for instant gift giving (5 w x 6 l)

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